Tour times are:

11h00 / 14h00 / 17h00

Explore the essence of São Paulo with the Sunday Day tour. The tour that puts you in the front seat of São Paulo. It's not about the sights, it's about the emotion.


Tours last around an hour or so.


Remember, during the tour you'll hear stories about the history of this crazy city as well exploring the sights. Tour route includes the following sights:


Praça da Republica, Av. Ipiranga, Ed.Copan, Viaduto do Chá, Teatro Municipal, ​Largo São Francisco​, Vale do Anhangabau, Praça da Sé​, Pátio do Colégio, Igreja São bento, bairro da Liberdade​ (The Japanese neighbourhood) ​

Tour na Av. Paulista, Masp, Parque Trianon, Casa das Rosas.

Find out the real Brazil, buzzing around São Paulo in a Fusca.


Get picked up for free in a central area hotel!