"The green Beetle Tour, or the Fusca Tour in Portuguese, was created after an Engish man, who'd been living in the tropics for over nine years, tried to definine what São Paulo was all about.


The Fusca, being the most popular car in the world, and in Brazil, being a symbol of mass pop culture, was chosen to represent the idea of a new tour in Brazil.


Tours are boring. They don't tell stories: they take you to places. The main concept behind the fusca tour is not to see the sights, but to get a real feeling of the city. You'll get to see the city's diversiy, to get a closer look at what makes São Paulo such an interesting city for curious foreign eyes. The fusca tour aims to connect the traveller with the living heart of Brazil.



Expressions you'll learn during the tour

Lindo maravilhoso!

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É mesmo?



De boa

fica tranquilo!

Jogar o verde pra colher maduro.


The crazy metropolis : São Paulo

Find out the real Brazil, buzzing around São Paulo in a Fusca.

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